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AWS IoT is a fully managed platform for building complete IoT solutions on Amazon Web Services.

Azure IoT

The Azure IoT Suite is Microsoft’s powerful set of IoT solutions for bi-directional device-to-Cloud communications.

Zipit IoT

Zipit’s IoT technology brings superior cellular and device management to either Azure or AWS to provide highly scalable, reliable, and secure solutions.

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Smart connected devices and tools allow you to do more, see more, and bring more value by taking the heavy burden of manual processes away.

Your business is destined for more.


Take Control with Kopis

We understand how important it is to prototype and test development along the way, which is why we work within the Agile development framework. Every Kopis client becomes part of the process with testing and frequent design and delivery iterations.

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You should be able to move smarter, grow faster, and improve the way you do business without a six or even seven figure start up cost. At Kopis we believe growth ought to be attainable for every type of company. That’s why we created a new way to power your business forward. We get you started on a solution tailored to your business with no upfront costs. 


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We start with design using the Agile process and work with you to build your software.


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We believe you’ll discover a unique difference between our team and most custom software development firms. Much like them, our first few years, we were simply working hard “in the business.” However, after two decades, the business is in us.

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