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Save time.

Save Time & Resources

Trust the Experts to Handle Your Tech

Hiring someone full-time to manage your business’ tech environment can be costly. Instead, rely on Kopis’ proactive, experienced team to handle day-to-day tech operations at a fraction of the cost.

Explore the Managed Services We Offer

01 // SQL Managed Services

Proactive, preventative database management providing backup and support to your current DBA and IT staff or working as your fully outsourced staff.

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02 // Software Support

Customized support plans to keep your custom software running. Dedicated developer teams, bug fixes, monthly health reports, and more. Support covers nearly all software projects and yes, we support non-Kopis built software.

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Agile with Guardrails

Our process is flexible enough to grow and change as you discover more about what you need—but structured and predictable enough to help us, and you stick to a set scope, budget, and timeline. In short, there won’t be any surprises.

The Timeline

Our team meets with you weekly to demo the results of each iteration (also known as a sprint) or to plan the following sprint. This collaborative approach allows you to give feedback and input that will shape future iterations, which ultimately leads to the best solution for your business.

The Results

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the agile process is that it challenges the way your processes currently work. Agile allows you to discover new and better ways to conduct your business and improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

Get Started

Get Started.

Improve, Build & Grow Today

01 // Book a Discovery Call

Schedule a 20-minute discovery call.

02 // Technical Scoping

When we both like what we hear, we’ll schedule a 1-hour call to dig into your technical requirements.

03 // Iterative Build

We design, develop, deploy and maintain your solution, keeping you in the loop along the way.

04 // Grow

Use your new solution to grow smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

Book Your Discovery Call

Book A Discovery Call

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