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Bringing Simple, Streamlined Processes to the Public Sector

With Smart Government Solutions

At Kopis, we understand how important it is to spend your budget in the most impactful way. With a Kopis software solution you can bring meaningful change to your agency and to those you serve.

01 // Modernization

Modernize your business by bringing software into the cloud, rebuilding for mobile accessibility, and ensure better security.

02 // Data Analytics, Business Intelligence & Machine Learning

Make more informed decisions, see data in real-time and respond quicker to your constituents with better data analytics and reporting.

03 // Software Development

Custom build the tools you need to streamline processes, offer a better experience to residents, and improve agency efficiency.

04 // Staffing Alternative

Extend the capabilities and capacity of your team easily. Hire out the heavy lifting so your team can stay focused on the day-to-day.

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20+ Years.

20+ Years Experience to Guide Your Project

Over the past two decades, our vetted senior development team has worked with dozens of state agencies in South Carolina and around the country. These agencies depend on us to bring creative solutions that enable them to become truly agile and modern enterprises.

  • Solve mission-critical business challenges
  • Streamline processes, remove manual obstacles, and improve productivity
  • Add experienced and vetted staffing alternatives to your existing team
  • Remove department silos
  • Allow for cross-agency collaboration
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Leading Microsoft Partner

With the power of Microsoft behind our development, you can build new and integrate current and existing systems together, giving your agency more power and capabilities than ever before.



Expect More

You deserve a software and technology partner that will ask and understand the why rather than just blindly building the what. To us, each project is a unique challenge and a new chance to stretch our capabilities and redefine and test the limits of custom software development. We understand that what worked for one client won’t necessarily work for another. So we design, develop, test, reflect, figure out what’s working, and then design, develop, and test again.

  • IT Temp Staff Augmentation Services
  • Small Software Applications Development
  • DTO IT Professional Services
Vetted & Trusted

We’ve partnered with:

  • South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services (SCDPPPS)
  • SC Department Of Transportation (SCDOT)
  • SC Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV)
  • Secretary of State
  • Commission on Higher Education
  • South Carolina Election Commission


Stay In Control Throughout Development

You know your agency, process, and workflows best and at Kopis, we recognize how important it is to get your input along the way. That’s why we implement a development process that revolves around frequent check-ins and design iterations so that we deliver exactly what you need.

01 Listen & Discovery

Each project starts with listening. We dive deep into understanding your business and processes. Our developers look into what you currently do, how you do it, and what you’re ultimately hoping to accomplish. The result of this phase is a requirements document that sets the direction and core objectives of the project.

02 Develop & Program for The People

New technologies are born by watching how real people interact, how they talk and work together with the software, which is why we build and develop in two week chunks (or sprints). Instead of waiting six months or more to see progress and start testing, we do this early and often.

03 Presentation & Check-ins

Every week you’ll meet with the development team to demo the progress, strategize and plan out the next two-week sprint. At every decision point in your project, we question ourselves about the cost to value ratio, and we won’t ever push extra features that nobody needs or bells and whistles that don’t impact ROI. Simple is smart.

04 Improvement & Iteration

Every week we take your feedback and incorporate it into the next development iteration. We then transition back into the next design sprint and repeat the process.

05 Launch

The strength of agile is that you often can launch a better system earlier than normal. By having you involved throughout the entire development process, you will receive a much more effective software solution and launch on time and in budget.

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