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Bring Your Idea to Life

Whether you’re building something new, reimagining a legacy platform, or redesigning an existing digital product, bring your idea to life with a UI/UX prototype and storyboard. Work through design iterations, key user persona mapping, and requirements gathering before working without the expense of a development team. 

01 // User Interface Design

02 // User Experience Audits

03 // Persona Journey Definition

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Test with a Prototype

The First Step to Development

Get a prototype that you can show internally, to your customers, your investors, or use it to gather feedback. Prototyping is a critical first step to any development project, it will help you:

  • Utilize your budget more effectively
  • Gather functionality expectations
  • Establish a clear visual and functional direction
  • Work through design iterations without the cost of dev work
  • Employ a “real people, real world” point-of-view that empathizes with end users
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More than Just a Mockup

Sell Your Vision with More Than Words

At the end of the process — you’re given a clickable prototype demo that showcases your vision. You not only own the clickable demo but you can use it to: 

  • Sell your vision internally or externally
  • Get an accurate estimate for development
  • Work directly with a UI/UX expert to ensure you’re meeting user expectations and standards
  • Assess which tools and technology are best to reach your vision
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Case Study


The Right User Experience Changes Everything

Kidney CARE Network International

Kidney CARE Network International was ready to modernize their existing web application, My Vascular Access, including an enhanced user experience plus a native app to boost engagement.

It was such a great pleasure working with the Kopis team! Everyone was professional, friendly, receptive, and supportive. Thank you for helping us bring our vision to life and for helping so many people with kidney disease. We will be reaching out for future collaborations.

Kidney CARE Network International
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