We program for people, not machines.

We use technology to change the future.

We could tell you that we’re driven to create innovative software. But that’s only half the story. The truth is, the Kopis Team is driven by our curiosity—about people, leadership, business, new technology, and big ideas. Driven to learn about your company and your challenges, and to develop new ways to solve your toughest problems.


We work in one of the fastest growing, fastest changing industries in the world. Combine that fact with being a technology partner to unique and growing businesses keeps us on our toes. We have to face forward and stay current, meeting new problems with fresh solutions, grounded in over two decades of experience.


It would be easy to become overwhelmed and get stuck, get too comfortable, and rest on over two decades of experience rather than breaking new ground. But where’s the fun in that? What we’re trying to say is, we really love what we do. We get to learn new things and help our clients achieve game-changing goals every day. We think that’s pretty rare. And a great way to invest our lives.


We’re Game-Changers

Our Clients

For two decades, we’ve been fortunate to collaborate with some of the world’s leading and innovative brands in transforming their efficiency and profitability. Most importantly, however, is that clients consistently tell us (and expect of us) that through our advising, agile process and experience, we help change the way they define KPIs, think about custom software development, reengineer how they do business, measure results, and make decisions.

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Kopis opened the door to so many possibilities. We had to rethink the way we did business.

– DEEL Media Group


We’re Solution-Driven

Our Services

Every project begins with a conversation to understand your business thoroughly. We may recommend a formal software assessment to determine what strategic assets you already have and decide which direction to take in order to promote growth.

We may already know what you need from our initial conversation and be able to begin designing a custom software solution or developing a mobile app to update your critical business systems.

If you already have a strong software solution in place, we can keep the SQL Server environment that supports your software running smoothly with minimal downtime with our SQL Managed Services, create intuitive, user-friendly visualizations and streamlined reporting through our Business Intelligence Services, and help you integrate your software with a robust ERP solution.

Kopis can even create an ad hoc software development team to come on board for a discrete dev build opportunity or for ongoing maintenance and support of existing systems, which is a great alternative to hiring freelancers or relying on a staffing company when you’re looking for IT talent.

All of our services rely on our deep expertise in a number of different technological skill sets and can help your business run more efficiently, reduce operating costs, reduce risk, reach more customers, and increase profitability.


We’re Collaborators

Our Community. Our Home.

Our development studios location is an indicator of the world we’re immersed in so our clients don’t have to be.

The NEXT Center for Innovation in Greenville, SC was built out of a vision for a regional hub of innovative, engaging technology thought leadership.

More than a collection of leading- and bleeding-edge technology and development companies, the building’s regular collaborative workshops and events, open air spaces, collaborative conference rooms and wall-to-wall white board and glass walls foster and, in some ways, demand the sharing of ideas that some of the region’s leading thinkers and developers choose to call home.

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Our mission is leveraging technology to change the future.

— Andrew Kurtz


Let’s Work Together

We believe you’ll discover a unique difference between our team and most custom software development firms. Much like them, our first few years, we were simply working hard “in the business.” However, after two decades, the business is in us.

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