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Global Location Strategies

Modernizing Manual Processes

Global Location Strategies was using a labor-intensive and error-prone process to score and rank site locations for clients. They were ready to automate and streamline this process by employing modern technology to create a custom application.

How Kopis Delivered

SC State Election Commission

Implementing a Voter Portal for Public and State Users

The legacy Voter Registration and Election Management System used by the South Carolina State Election Commission needed a voter portal.

How Kopis Delivered
South Carolina Secretary of State

Modernizing Legacy Software

The current Charities application the SOS uses was over ten years old. Changes in the technology landscape, expectations of users, and improvements in the tools available have left the application dated and in need of update.

How Kopis Delivered

DEEL Media

Developing an Application for Digital Menu Boards

There are a lot of digital menu board providers in the marketplace but their solutions were failing. DEEL Media sought to fix that with help from the Kopis team.

How Kopis Delivered

ZipIt Wireless

Critical Reporting at the Push of a Button

Zipit Wireless reached out to the Kopis team for help creating a new order management system to better meet their needs.

How Kopis Delivered


Launching a Complete Software Product

Kopis worked with Metromont to combine three different estimation tools to create one, streamlined custom software solution for their niche industry.

How Kopis Delivered
Local Healthcare Staffing Agency

Creating Custom Solutions for Game-Changing Results

A local healthcare staffing agency reached out to Kopis to develop software to reduce internal bottlenecks, data quality issues and errors in quoting that were affecting their bottom line.

How Kopis Delivered

The Graphic Cow

Modernizing Legacy Systems

David and The Graphic Cow management team reached out to Kopis to replace their outdated legacy system they were quickly outgrowing.

How Kopis Delivered

Ellipsis Technologies

Creating a New Technology for Web Security

A serial entrepreneur and partner in multiple tech ventures worldwide approached the Kopis team with a one-of-a-kind challenge.

How Kopis Delivered
Electric Vehicle Technology Manufacturer

From a Suitcase Full of Wires to a Digital Diagnostic Tool

An electric vehicle technology manufacturer approached Kopis with the idea for a new software, diagnostic tool to work with their new high-capacity buses.

How Kopis Delivered

Lucas Systems

POS Solutions

Lucas Systems reached out to Kopis for help developing a new real-time reporting solution for their existing and future end-user base.

How Kopis Delivered

Palmetto Pride

Creating the Litterbusters Mobile App

The Smart Government team at Kopis created a streamlined mobile solution for PalmettorPride that fully integrates with an automated system at the DMV.

How Kopis Delivered


iOS App with GIS

Infor turned to Kopis, a long time partner, to upgrade a client’s existing EAM software to include an iOS app with GIS for location-based asset tracking.

How Kopis Delivered

Mungo Homes

From Reactive to Proactive

The IT Director at Mungo Homes contacted Kopis to looking for an outsourced DBA partner to help with their SQL database needs.

How Kopis Delivered
Engineering Change Control Process for Manufacturing

Engineering Change Control Process for Manufacturing

Growth was pushing this company to expand their databases and they were looking for an outsourced DBA partner to help.

How Kopis Delivered

Palmetto Care Connections

Streamlining Patchwork Systems into One

Palmetto Care Connections was outgrowing their current accounting system. By using both QuickBooks and Excel, the PCC team spent extra hours trying to patch the two systems together as their organization grew.  

How Kopis Delivered
Norfolk International Airport

Norfolk Airport Authority

Transitioning to Cloud-Based Accounting

Norfolk Airport Authority decided that moving to the cloud for their ERP would help support their continuing maturity and came to Kopis looking for a partner to assist in their transition to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

How Kopis Delivered

Cleva North America

Improving Visibility into the Bottom Line

Cleva turned to Kopis when they needed to scale their ERP system to gain better insights into their financial data. 

How Kopis Delivered

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Data Simplification and Streamlined Data Processes

Hawkers had a complex data and reporting process across all their locations. They partnered with Kopis to simplify their data import process, fix inconsistencies, automate data workflows and setup notifications and alerts.

How Kopis Delivered

Hitachi High Technologies America

Creating a User-Friendly Dashboard for a Sophisticated IoT Project

Kopis and Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. worked together to create a user-friendly dashboard for a sophisticated IoT product for restaurants and food service companies.

How Kopis Delivered

RAP Index

Intuitive Dashboard

Kopis worked with the RAP Index development team to build a new dashboard feature and launch an international pilot of the system.

How Kopis Delivered
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