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We love playing a part in our clients’ success. Read about how we’ve helped them unlock potential, break down barriers to efficiency and profitability, and change how their leadership thinks about problem solving and business performance.

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Custom Software Development

PalmettoPride: Creating the LitterBusters Mobile App

The Smart Government team at Kopis created a streamlined mobile solution for PalmettoPride that fully integrates with the automated system that the DMV uses to produce the courtesy letters.

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Custom Software Development

Hitachi High Technologies America Case Study: Creating a User-Friendly Dashboard for a Sophisticated IoT Product

Kopis and Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. worked together to create a user-friendly dashboard for a sophisticated IoT product for restaurant and food service industries.

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Custom Software Development

RAP Index Case Study: Intuitive Dashboard

Over the past few years, Kopis has worked with The RAP Index on a number of projects, from routine system maintenance and support to transitioning the system to a new, more reliable data source. Most recently, Kopis has worked with The RAP Index development team to build a new dashboard feature and launch an international pilot of the system.  

Custom Software Development

Graphic Cow Case Study: Moving from Manual to Automated Processes

David and his management team had known they were outgrowing their legacy system and had been talking about investing in new software to replace their custom ERP solution for a while, but they were in growth mode and primarily focused on serving clients and growing new markets.  

Custom Software Development


We love it when we get to work with amazing people on truly groundbreaking technology that has real-world implications. Recently, Proterra approached Kopis with an intriguing project. Proterra had an idea for a piece of software, a diagnostic tool, that they would release in conjunction with their new high-capacity bus—a super efficient vehicle that gets about the same mileage as the high-capacity Tesla.  

Mobile App Development

Infor: iOS App with GIS

Kopis and Infor have a long-standing relationship that stretches back nearly two decades. Over the years, Kopis has been brought on as a valuable partner, especially when Infor has a specific need for additional resources in order to complete a contract quickly.  

Custom Software Development

Lucas Systems: POS Solutions

Lucas Systems reached out to Kopis for help developing a new real-time reporting solution for their existing and future end-user base.  

SQL Server Managed Services

Mungo Homes: From Reactive to Proactive

In early 2016, the IT Director at Mungo Homes contacted Kopis to explore our DBA as a service options—here. Find out why they decided to outsource their database administration needs and what the results have been.  

Metromont Case Study

Custom Software Development

Metromont: Launching a complete software product

When Metromont reached out to Kopis, we first spent a couple weeks with the client to understand their business and to create a fluid process and workflow that would be able to change and adapt as we learned more. Next, Kopis and Metromont kicked off the Agile process by collaborating on the highest priority interface designs.  

Custom Software Development

Zipit Wireless: Critical reporting at the push of a button.

Zipit Wireless, reached out to the Kopis team for help creating a new Order Management system that better met their needs.  

SQL Managed Services

VirtualJobShadow.com®: Maximizing existing hardware to its fullest potential

The management team at VirtualJobShadow.com approached Kopis with a challenge. They had some issues with a SQL Server platform— intermittently, the server would become unresponsive and caused errors…  

Custom Software Development

BMW: Driving efficiency for the ultimate driving machine

BMW was using a manual process to track forms and emails. This caused their workflow efficiency and quality to suffer. Kopis assessed the situation and created a custom solution that increased production and efficiency.  

Custom Software Development

Healthcare Staffing: Creating custom solutions for game-changing results

After an internal review, managers discovered that they were experiencing a number of bottlenecks, data quality control issues, and errors in pay quoting that were affecting their bottom line.  

Business Intelligence

Kopis: A case study on our own company

When leadership of a prominent regional professional services company needed a complete overhaul and upgrade of their invoicing and projection process to keep up with their rapid growth, Kopis developers knew they…  

DEEL Media Custom Software Development Case Study by Kopis

Application Development

DEEL Media: Developing an Application for Digital Menu Boards

There are lots of digital menu board providers in the marketplace, but their solutions were failing. DEEL Media sought to fix that with help from the Kopis team.  

Business Intelligence

Creating a New Technology for Web Security

Ellipsis Technologies

A serial entrepreneur and partner/investor in multiple technology ventures worldwide approached the Kopis team with a one-of-a-kind challenge.  

Business Intelligence

Monitoring, ticketing, contract reporting consolidation for professional services

Integral Solutions Group

Integral had difficulty accessing their own monitoring data, and needed an easier interface to work from.  

Application Development

Engineering Change Control Process for Manufacturing

Hubbell Lighting

Hubbell needed a web-based system that could be used by multiple international divisions and locations to track both engineering change requests and the implementation of those requests in the manufacturing process.  

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