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App Development to Help You Grow Your Business

With a development team based in Greenville, SC, our local developers are here to understand the system architecture, code quality, and offer the support you need to get your app up and running. We work hard to make the development process a pleasant experience for your business while also ensuring that the finished product offers a pleasant experience for users.

01 // Android App Development

02 // iOS App Development

03 // React Native Cross-Platform Development

04 // Backend App Development

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Local Dev


Bring Your Mobile App to Life

With a Local App Development Company

Our developers are here to understand your ideas and help you translate them into an app that will grow your business.

  • Client-centric development
  • Agile process
  • Clean, modern user interface
  • Support
  • Enhancements

This was an incredibly complicated project, and we needed Kopis. We had to integrate Esri, our GIS provider, with an iOS app, so we needed their expertise. Kopis was able to provide that specific piece of the puzzle while also delivering a scalable team that helped us fulfill our contract on time and budget.

Senior VPInfor
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Time Savings


Get to the App Store Faster

React Native

Save time and reduce the cost of your mobile app development with our team of React Native developers. Build your app once with one code base and launch it in both Android and iOS.

  • Save time and reduce cost
  • Get to market faster
  • Expand distribution
  • Increase exposure
  • Build engagement and loyalty
  • Push the edge of what’s possible
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Case Study


The Right App Development Changes Everything


PalmettoPride was using a third-party app that was difficult for citizens and the organization to use. They were ready to upgrade to a customized app that truly fit their needs.

How Kopis Delivered

With Kopis we got exactly what we wanted and needed. No more adapting our processes to fit a third-party application, no more administrative headaches because of false expectations. This is a prime example of getting what you pay for. The app has already brought us more name recognition and broadened our audience—the ROI has been great.



The App Development Process

Working Within An Agile Framework

Our app development process is flexible enough to grow and change as you discover more about what you need—but structured and predictable enough to help us, and you, stick to a set scope, budget, and timeline.

01 Discovery

We look to uncover the ‘why’ behind your project and what impact it will have on your business. It’s all about right problem, right solution.

02 UI/UX Design

Our experts will create the perfect feature set, colors, typography, and user flow to help your app stand out in the crowded marketplace.

03 Agile Development

You’ll have weekly check-ins with the development team to demo progress, strategize, and plan out the next two-week development sprint.

04 Launch

Deploy your new  application to the app stores on time, within budget, and backed by a team that is well-versed in the various requirements.

05 Scale

Get help preparing for what’s next. Analyze app performance, strategize new features, and improve user engagement to take your app to the next level.

The biggest differentiator with Kopis is the way they work—they work alongside our team through their agile process, with our BA and QA people, our dev team, and our product managers to come up with the best solution.

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