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Kopis announces hire of Sales Director

Greenville, S.C. – Kopis, the largest and oldest customer software development firm in the region based out of Greenville, S.C., has hired Doug Bonestroo as Sales Director. With an experienced background in sales and business development, Bonestroo takes the position…
Kopis Team
May 10, 2017
Industry InsightsPress

Building a leading SaaS company

Make-or-break lessons learned about MVP, capacity, sales metrics, & fractional resources along the way When looking at companies started by an entrepreneur, it can appear from the outside that the path was planned and clear. It is hard to believe…
Andrew Kurtz
February 23, 2017
Our Culture

The Art of a Good Office Prank

I admit it. I love playing practical jokes. Especially on my coworkers—and especially on one in particular (more on that later). There is nothing quite as satisfying as the thrill of pulling off a prank that has taken hours of…
Jon Hester
December 15, 2016

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