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Our Culture: Grateful

By May 30, 2018May 7th, 2021Our Culture

Our Culture Series explores the guiding principles reflected in our company.

A Year of Change

This year has had many changes, events, and momentous happenings of positive impact on many of us.

We have seen employment changes, wins of new business, growth of opportunities and relationships, the always miraculous addition to our families through the birth of children, and repeated occasions where colleagues or their family members are recognized for accomplishments both inside and outside of work.

All told there have been many, many opportunities for us collectively or personally to reflect on these accomplishments and to be proud.

As many of you know, my daughter and our family have had much to celebrate these past few months. On each occasion I reflect on the effort, talent, support, and impact others have made to enable these celebrations. There is truly much for which to be thankful. 

But as I ponder these moments, thankful doesn’t seem like enough. How I really feel is grateful.

Gratefulness is understanding the foundation others have nurtured in our lives.

To me, thankfulness is backward looking: showing appreciation for specific events. Those events are far too numerous to ever specifically address.

Gratefulness is more than looking backward. It is more than celebrating. To me, gratefulness is understanding the foundation others have nurtured in our lives.

Gratefulness is forward looking.

Gratefulness is standing on the shoulders of those who have helped us in so many ways and using that as a basis for paying it forward. Gratefulness is recognizing the leadership others have provided and becoming a leader in our current circles. 

Gratefulness is having impact on those around us, nurturing them, providing our experiences and wisdom gained, and helping to build the foundations of others.

Gratefulness is respecting those around us, leading by example. 

Simply put, gratefulness is a mindset. A viewpoint of abundance. A positive outlook that is infectious. A knowledge that our core values serve us well and have made us who we are. A realization that compromising those values compromises us. 

Simply put, gratefulness is a mindset.

It is not enough to simply say ‘thank you.’ A grateful mentality embodies the core values of Kopis in our day to day lives. 

I am thankful to know and work with all of you and our clients/partners. But I am grateful for the collective experiences that make our team greater than the individuals that comprise it. 

We solve difficult problems everyday through superior talent, insight, and experience. The best way to thank those that have impacted us is by impacting others through a grateful mindset.

Everything is not always rosy perfect, if it were there would be no problems to solve. As a consultancy, exhibiting a grateful approach to our interactions helps build relationships, friendships, and respect that will serve us well in the years to come. 

Be thankful for what we have, and be grateful for what we can do.

Paying it forward,
David Friedline
Business Development

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