Our Culture: The Happy Secret to Better Work

Written by Colin Martin 02/14/19

Our Culture Series explores the guiding principles reflected in our company.

Inspiring Message

Last fall, Andy and I heard psychologist Shawn Achor give a keynote address at a conference and his words instantly resonated with us.

Shawn’s message about happiness flows in and out of all four of our core values. I believe this mindset is foundational to our success, foundational to our growth, and (most importantly) foundational to our thriving individually and achieving true life balance.

Happiness is foundational to thriving individually and achieving true life balance.

The power and truth of Shawn’s message are the reason why I open every Monday morning Vigilix huddle by going around the room and asking everyone to express something they are thankful for.

Please take a few minutes to watch Shawn Achor’s TED Talk. It’s the 15th most viewed TED Talk of all time, which should tell you something in and of itself. 

I’m grateful for each of you!

Colin Martin
General Manager, Vigilix

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