What is Power BI?

Power BI is an impressive suite of business analytics tools that help your organization gain insights and answer your most pressing questions by enabling users to:

  • Connect to hundreds of data sources, including Excel, CSV, Azure SQL Databases, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Oracle, and more with new sources added monthly.
  • Greatly simplify data prep.
  • Produce stunning visualizations, crystal-clear reports and live, user-friendly dashboards within minutes.
  • Publish reports and make them available online and on mobile devices.
  • Create customized dashboards, conduct ad hoc analysis, and get unique, comprehensive insights into the business.
  • Scale the solution across the enterprise.


Why Use Power BI?

Power BI is one of the most cost-effective, intuitive tools to get from raw data to an easily digestible, presentable visualization quickly. The solution has unique benefits for different user groups:

For Business Owners

  • Low barrier to entry. Power BI feels similar to Excel, which means it doesn’t require much additional training.
  • Low implementation costs. In addition to saving on training costs, Power BI offers competitive per user costs.
  • Easy to scale. Set up 10 users or 1000 users, all with security and governance built-in.
  • Have all your data at your fingertips. Set up alerts when data changes, view your dashboards on the web or on your mobile device—from anywhere.

For Your Team Members

  • Easy to work with. Power BI is updated quickly and provides superior customer support, eliminating frustrations for your team.
  • Interactive, collaborative experience. A well-built Power BI dashboard is high-quality and engaging for end users.
  • Ad hoc reporting. Individual users can personalize their dashboards to see only the data that’s most relevant to them.

For Your IT Department

  • Simplified security management. Power BI makes it easy for your IT department to give users access while keeping data secure.
  • Simplified compliance management. Quickly and easily see what’s happening on all applications across the enterprise to achieve compliance.
  • Tight integration with Office 365 and other applications. Easy to implement and to integrate. Point at hundreds of data sources instantly and seamlessly.

For Business Analysts

  • Process data more quickly. Move from raw data to analysis to action within minutes.
  • Consider all sources. Pull in hundreds of data sources instantly to ensure you’re getting the full picture.
  • Easier data prep. Create visual dashboards and beautiful reports in 5 minutes or less instead of spending hours or even days.

For Developers

  • Enjoy mobile capabilities out of the box.
  • Animate your apps with embedded, interactive data visuals.

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