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The Kopis Software Development team does a lot of different things well. But, over the last 20 years, we’ve discovered that our sweet spot is helping rapid-growth companies update or replace their legacy systems so that business operations don’t stall. Rapid growth requires rapid responses, centralized data, and decentralized, real-time reporting.

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Custom Software Solutions to Help You Grow

When your business begins to grow exponentially, chances are you’re going to encounter a software problem.

Growth is a good thing. But as your business grows, so do the demands and strains placed upon your essential software and business systems. When your software struggles to process the increasing scale of daily operations, the systems that once supported your company’s growth become a liability instead, preventing you from expanding your business or taking full advantage of new opportunities.

Let us help. If you’re a business that finds yourself struggling with the limitations of your current internal systems, or in need of an entirely new system to drive future growth—we’d love to talk.

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Breakthrough Case Study

The right software can change everything. Just ask Metromont.

In 2011, Tony Smith, the Vice President of Preconstruction and Marketing for the Metromont Corporation, noticed a need for a more efficient estimating software. Metromont had an estimating software package that had worked for them over the years, but it didn’t have much ability to grow with their business, creating several issues within their company.

Kopis dug deep to fully understand what we do before developing the software.

– Metromont Executive

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Custom Software For Your People, By Your People

Replacing or enhancing your legacy software is a team effort, requiring input from all the key players. Especially those who will be using the software every day.

It’s easy to program for a machine. It’s harder, and more important, to program for people. One of our greatest strengths at Kopis is our culture of curiosity. We don’t just listen to what you and your team have to say about the project. We take it to heart. This way, through deep-rooted collaboration and communication, we are able to produce a custom solution that responds to your organization’s needs and capitalizes on its natural strengths.

We build every project thinking about where your business will be in the future, and where it needs to go, rather than merely reacting to where you are right now. In other words, we don’t create a shinier version of what you already have—we challenge you to think ahead, and we build your system to account for your future goals and objectives, so that your software grows with you.

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We believe you’ll discover a unique difference between our team and most custom software development firms. Much like them, our first few years, we were simply working hard “in the business.” However, after two decades, the business is in us.

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