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The Manufacturing Industry of today is not what it was 10 years ago… why is your software the same?

A custom software solution can solve a host of stumbling blocks for you and your team. From internal communication and reporting to inventory status and company information, your software solutions should be centralized, simple, and efficient. 


of surveyed manufacturers have increased their investment in digital transformation over the last year.

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Prioritize Efficiency and Pioneer Innovation 

Streamline your production process and seamlessly move your business forward with powerful, data-driven technology. 

  • Transfer your business from outdated or patchwork software to a single, centralized system 
  • Eliminate redundancy and errors with an automated MES 
  • Gain the competitive edge with a scalable, automated smart factory equipped with real-time data monitoring 
Case Study


Improving Visibility into the Bottom Line

Cleva North America

Cleva’s struggle to answer pillar questions such as “What was the overhead percentage this month for a given product line” heightened frustration for the growing business. As they grew and processes become much more complex, the old methodology no longer served the new era of Cleva. They knew it was vital to improve visibility and automate data processes so management could focus on analysis and the team could focus on action. They turned to Kopis to modernize and build a scaleable system.

How Kopis Delivered

The biggest challenge affecting the bottom line was very simple - we didn’t know what we didn’t know.

Armond ComptonDirector of Finance & IT

Data Driven

Gain Valuable Insights to Determine Areas for Improvement

Cut through the clutter, change the game, break through the efficiency and profitability barriers you keep coming up against, and free your business up to do great things. 

  • Make data-driven decisions 
  • Generate easy to consume reports 
  • Review data with intuitive visualizations 
  • Analyze how individual decisions and efforts are affecting your company objectives
Case Study


Reduce Downtime and Improve Quality

Continuous product quality monitoring results in fewer defects, less rework, and improved product consistency. 

  • Ensure a healthy, secure, and optimized system 
  • Save your team time on day-to-day maintenance 
  • Maintain proactive management

What we love so much about the dashboard that Kopis designed is the simplicity. Our customers can open the dashboard and get a quick visualization of all of the major equipment at all of their locations in real time. It gives them incredible peace of mind.

Kyoko RobertsSPD Director of Sales, Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc.
How Kopis Delivered

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