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Is your ERP or accounting software supporting all aspects of your production process?

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It may not be obvious, but your ERP or accounting software is central to your operations and affects all areas of your organization- for better or for worse. Replacing legacy or patchwork software with a unified, modern system gives you a competitive advantage over other manufacturers who haven’t upgraded, and allows you to make the shift from reactive decision making to proactive planning.

91% of surveyed manufacturers have increased their investment in digital transformation over the last year.

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Drive Efficiency with Automation

Replacing tedious manual processes with automation provides multiple benefits:

01 // Faster Data Collection

02 // Fewer Errors

03 // Reduced Administrative Overhead

Additionally, real-time data collection, reporting, and analysis powered by AI can detect emerging trends in as soon as a matter of hours, whereas legacy systems can take weeks to provide the same predictions. This quicker trend detection lets you mitigate problems or scale to market demand during production, not after.



Use Clearer Visibility to Make Data Driven Decisions

Integrating systems (supply chain, CRM, production line, etc) under a unified ERP gives a bird’s eye view of your full operations, while providing granular enough data to determine specific areas for process improvement.

  • Weigh real-time inventory levels against forecasted levels to determine the cause of unforeseen material use
  • Analyze how individual decisions and efforts are affecting your company objectives and bottom line

Make decisions during the production process rather than after with dashboards reporting data in real-time, using intuitive visualizations.

Case Study


Improving Visibility into the Bottom Line

Cleva North America

Cleva’s struggle to answer pillar questions such as “What was the overhead percentage this month for a given product line” heightened frustration for the growing business. As they grew and processes become much more complex, the old methodology no longer served the new era of Cleva. They knew it was vital to improve visibility and automate data processes so management could focus on analysis and the team could focus on action. They turned to Kopis to modernize and build a scaleable system.

How Kopis Delivered

The biggest challenge affecting the bottom line was very simple - we didn’t know what we didn’t know.

Armond ComptonDirector of Finance & IT


Streamline Communication Between Departments

Use proactive trend prediction to keep production schedules on track with automated messaging about necessary adjustments to vendors, procurement, sales, engineering, and customers. Take the following scenario:

A modern, AI-powered ERP system can detect the rise in inbound quality assurance failure in a matter of hours, whereas a legacy system can take weeks. This early detection combined with automated messaging to the affected partners streamlines communication and allows them to make accommodations to keep production on schedule.

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