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Kopis to Launch New Product for ERP Systems on Microsoft AppSource

By April 17, 2020April 1st, 2021ERP, Press

One of the biggest headaches for a small to medium size business owner is facing the challenge of a simple accounting system.

When they could be focusing on company culture or a new product, they are stuck shifting needlessly between spreadsheets trying to balance their books, but the idea of switching to a more advanced ERP leaves them in a cold sweat over the fear of implementation.

However, one South Carolina software development firm has launched a product aimed at helping business owners easily transfer off their old systems.

Kopis’s new product, Adept, is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that helps keep common workflows for 90% of the accounting functions, which reduces the training burden that comes with switching, said Adam Drewes, ERP General Manager. Organizations and companies who utilize this software will see their employees working in business central by the end of the day for the most common functions.

For more than 20 years years, Kopis has been creating software and tech solutions for companies nationwide from its offices in Greenville, South Carolina. Adept is its latest solution for those difficult problems business owners face.

The company even is offering a two-week free trial to show how much it has changed the ERP transition world. Learn more at

“ERP installation should be easier, and Kopis knows how to simplify the process. The more complex your business gets, the harder it is to switch systems,” Drewes said.

We want to stop Excel hell before it starts.

Many business owners fear the change that comes from trying to upgrade to a more complex one known as an ERP because of the headaches normally caused by it. They have a right to be a little on edge. Most companies implementing a new ERP system spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and months of time to get up and rolling. Industry experts say that about 65% of installations go over budget, and 50% fail on the first use.

No company is truly immune from the battle with implementing an ERP. In the past few years, the tech industry has seen major ERP failures for companies ranging from Avon to Waste Management to Hewlett-Packard to the U.S. Air Force.

Now, for all of the gloom and doom about ERP systems, there are many reasons that companies do switch to them. ERP software helps make reporting easier and more customizable. They are able fit to meet all of your needs. With improved reporting capabilities, your company can respond to complex data requests more easily. This improves productivity, completes process faster and helps to close out projects without large wait times in between.

Kopis has put a considerable amount of time into the onboarding process to make sure that customers get a streamlined transition, he said. In addition, this system will dramatically reduce the initial start-up phase that hinders most people from using ERP in their businesses and opens the gates for more companies to prepare for scaled growth.

 “Just imagine if the cost of switching to a powerful system was low enough that you could starting using it before you entangled your company in a web of manual and convoluted processes and Excel sheets,” Drewes said. “We want to stop Excel hell before it starts.” 

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