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Simplify Financial Management

With Adept D365 Business Central Overlay

Enable your accounting team to become proficient D365 Business Central users in one day. Adept modifies the Business Central screens to make the most common accounting tasks feel familiar.

01 // Quick Onboarding

Ready to use in minutes:

  1. Install from App Source
  2. Run the Auto Configure
  3. Associate the G/L accounts
  4. Choose the Users
  5. Begin Using the Role Center

02 // Reduced Training Time

Adept uses familiar terminology.

No: Cash Receipt Journal or Payment Journal

Yes: Receive Customer Payments, Record Deposit, Pay Bills

03 // Familiar Look and Feel

The advanced functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for power users.

Intuitive and guided screens for common users.

04 // Fewer Errors and Quicker to Use

Selecting a Customer and marking a checkbox next to invoices is just plain faster and produces fewer mistakes than filling out the Cash Receipts Journal.



Streamlined Overlay for Scalability

The combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and Kopis Adept provides you with this scalability. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you have a streamlined platform for measuring and tracking all your systems in one place, and Adept provides easy setup, training, and support to make adoption a seamless transition for your team.

01 // Reduce Organizational Change for a Move to ERP

02 // Simplifies Interface for Faster Workflow and Business Decisions

03 // Onboard in as Little as One Day

04 // Increased Productivity



Predictable Pricing

With A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Implementation

One pricing model to minimize allows a more predictable level of service and clear line of site into total costs.


per user per month



Comprehensive Business Management

01 Home Page / Role Center

Simple actions on the right akin to simple accounting systems allow you to kick off any standard process.​

02 Interactive Reports

Numerous drill-through reports with configuration options right out-of-the-box.​

Each report can be customized with many pre-defined options and countless filters.​

03 Simplified A/P

Ease new users into the Posting concept by having all documents on one screen.​

  • All Purchase Documents
  • Create Purchase Invoice
  • Pay Bills
  • Write Checks

04 Simplified A/R

Ease new users into the Posting concept by having all documents on one screen.

  • All Sales Invoices
  • Create Sales Invoices
  • Receive Customer Payments
  • Deposits

05 Check Register

Purpose of the Review Bank Register is to give you a quick glance at the transactions within your bank. Here, you can see all your transactions, and you’ll notice this Cleared column which has a checkbox indicating which transactions have cleared.

06 Bank Reconciliation

A Bank Reconciliation just the way your Bank Statement is setup.

07 Jobs

Create jobs, enter time or items against it, and transfer those entries to an invoice seamlessly. The Jobs module makes issuing credit memos and making adjustments easier than ever.

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02 // Install 

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03 // Unleash the Power of Your Business

Use Adept to grow smarter, faster, and more efficiently.

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