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RAP Index Case Study: Intuitive Dashboard

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The Kopis team believes that technology is entering the Age of Re-personalization, so we enjoy working with companies that are at the forefront of this emerging trend. One such company is The RAP Index, founded by Chip Felkel, an entrepreneur and activist with 30 years of experience in strategic communications.

The RAP Index is a key contacts software service, developed by advocacy experts for advocacy professionals, that uses a patent-pending scoring process to decisively identify and measure the Relationships, Advocability and Political Capital of an organization’s stakeholders.

“What we’ve created is a powerful tool for advocacy and better networking,” said Chip. “Our stated goal is to move people and our tagline is Know Who You Know. The RAP Index helps organizations achieve both of these goals simultaneously by relying on a perfect blend of technology and human engagement to leverage the pre-existing relationships within your organization.”

Over the past few years, Kopis has worked with The RAP Index on a number of projects, from routine system maintenance and support to transitioning the system to a new, more reliable data source. Most recently, Kopis has worked with The RAP Index development team to build a new dashboard feature and launch an international pilot of the system.

“The RAP Index has always been a useful tool, but we’re also always working to improve it,” Chip said. “What we wanted, what we went to Kopis for, was an intuitive dashboard feature that would allow clients to get more immediate feedback.”

Brian Aufmuth, one of the lead project managers for the dashboard feature, agreed.

“Almost every time we’ve brought Kopis in on a project, we’ve done so in order to make our system more user-friendly and provide our customers with the data and the intuitive features they need to be successful,” said Brian. “Kopis is not only great at development, they’re great at strategic thinking and clear communication, which is exactly what we want to deliver to our clients.”


With the client’s parameters in mind, Kopis got to work integrating with The RAP Index team and building the solution.

“Kopis always spends time on the front end talking to our developers, getting to know our system, and understanding what we need it to do,” Brian said. “They then review our code independently to make sure we haven’t missed anything—which can easily happen on a project of this scale. I appreciate the thorough and professional nature of their work.”

After our initial conversation, Kopis again met with The RAP Index team to establish a process, discuss the project specs, determine the full scope of the project, and create a reasonable time and cost estimate.

“The way the Kopis team communicates is extraordinary. They clearly establish expectations before starting work and then they deliver,” said Brian. Once the project has begun, they check back in regularly, schedule weekly meetings to review completed work, and discuss timelines and next steps. Kopis is proactive; I never feel like I have to chase them down to get a status update.”

According to Brian, proactive communication is just one of the reasons that The RAP Index and Kopis partner together so well.

“With Kopis, we always know what we’re going to get. We know they have a team with vast knowledge and expertise,” Brian said. “We also know that they have an equally comprehensive QA process, which means they can handle the entire development cycle for us, including launch, not just the development piece of it. We have confidence that the project will be delivered exactly as we need it.”


The RAP Index launched the new dashboard feature earlier this year, and so far the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

“The dashboard feature is beautiful,” said Chip. “It’s a fantastic feature that displays a client’s RAP score, how many relationships they have, even a geographic map showing where they’re weak and where they’re strong. We wanted to give our clients an automatic snapshot and easily digestible data, and Kopis made that happen for us.”

Client Testimonial

“Kopis is not only great at development, they’re great at strategic thinking and clear communication, which is exactly what we want to deliver to our clients.”

– Brian Aufmuth, Lead Project Manager

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