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Business Intelligence: Because more knowledge gives you more value.

By August 13, 2015May 7th, 2021Industry Insights, News & Updates


The view is always better on the top.

In your day-to-day business operations, the odds are low that you’re going to find the one system that matches your needs perfectly. And the odds are high that you’re going to need more than one. You’ll try integration, but this requires expertise, and the input of developers and experts in the systems you are integrating to and from. Additionally, integration doesn’t give you a single place where you can get a holistic view of every aspect of your business.

Change the game by changing the questions.

For the people who need to look across all the systems and make strategic decisions, business intelligence is the vital thousand-foot view you need to see your business with complete clarity. It can help you answer the questions that have been following you around — and the ones you didn’t know you needed to ask.

Our process puts yours first.

The biggest benefit of business intelligence is that it’s adapted to the way you want to work, not the other way around. Without it, you have to go look in several different places to find all the data you need. Business intelligence provides a single touch point that reflects your company, and the way you do business. It’s not building a system to try to fix an unsolvable problem. It’s a single system that completely represents you, by gathering all your data into a single place you can monitor and analyze. Then you can use the increased insight to figure out with greater detail where gains and losses are occurring. You can gain a greater understanding of schedules and backlogs, know when to hire (or fire), and plan for revenue dips. And that’s just for starters.

So we had this client…

Here’s what BI looks like in action. Two separate clients had multiple locations that they managed, and software that did a perfectly reasonable job of managing each location. But they couldn’t see aggregated data across their entire business. So for them, we built a data warehouse and supporting processes, which gave them continuous, comprehensive insight across their entire business, throughout the day. Now, they can see the costs & revenues of single line items across all locations, helping them quickly pinpoint outliers, and maximize profitability. We were also able to generate automated income statements and balance sheets across all locations, which saved them from having to aggregate everything manually.

We start by modeling you.

We want to understand the way you do what you do, and who you are. So we’re going to build a model that reflects that. The next step is getting the data. We build connections to pull data from its real home into the model. This is the key; it’s the ETL process: extract, transform, load. That’s how we take your knowledge and translate it into a single version of the truth of the state of your business. And that’s how we can bring your systems together in a way that fits your business.

Your systems are just the start.

You don’t always have to pull data from your own systems; you can incorporate external factors as well. Say you’re a garden supply or home-improvement business. Your BI system can incorporate weather alerts, helping your outdoor departments plan ahead. Can traffic backups affect your operation? BI tools can incorporate traffic alerts so that your business can continue running smoothly.

Business intelligence is the best way to improve your business from top to bottom. And we’re always in search of new ways to bring new solutions to the clients we serve.

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