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10 Best BC Updates from 2019

By October 31, 2019April 1st, 2021ERP

Microsoft is continuously working to improve BC, but here are some of the best updates from 2019!

Regardless of the size of the company, business users expect a reliable service and platform in order to run their business. With the new wave of updates and features, performance, reliability, and scalability of Business Central have increased across the platform and business application.

You can now multi-task across multiple pages

Open a second window, page, or tab and go back and forth between different tasks. Stay organized by keeping different projects or companies separate. There is also a new “colorful company badge indicator” which helps users determine which window represents a given company.

Make your data more detailed with the new ability to add notes and links

Don’t keep notes and data in separate places anymore. Users can now add internal notes to data through Business Central Online. Notes are displayed directly next to the data for better organization, and you can add, edit, and delete notes pages all in the same location. Another new capability is being able to insert hyperlinks to cards, thus making your data stronger.

Make your searches stronger

Users were previously held back by only being able to filter by a single value in the past. Now, users have access to a multi-selection capability that lets them filter by multiple values. Users can now find the information they’re looking for in one step!

BC integrates Excel

Edits made in Excel can now more easily be transported to and from BC.  Users can now see an expanded amount of fields in Excel, which makes viewing and manipulating data much faster.  The ability to view and edit fields added through extensions is also possible, so users aren’t confined to one program.

More Accessible Discounts

With the new updates, Microsoft is making it easier for Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP customers to also have access to the 40% discount that will take effect when switching to Business Central before June 2021. New tools were also released to help users through the migration process to BC.

A more user friendly BC

The layout of the desktop has been drastically improved, paving the way for a better user experience. It has better visibility, readability, and overall navigation. Detail pages also got a refreshed new look such as the customer card! As more features are added, it is important to make sure the navigation and user experience doesn’t decline.

Have access to BC from anywhere 

It is now available on laptops, desktops, tablets, and even phones! Have all of your information with you when you leave the office. BC helps make everything accessible whether you’re working remotely or in a business meeting.

Lists are now more user-friendly

Lists can now be filtered, navigated and made with ease with small innovations that collectively help increase day-to-day productivity.  Some commonly requested features have been addressed such as powerful filtering of rows and totals, row-based copy and paste, and improved keyboard navigation and shortcuts.

No more duplicates

Make sure all contact information is in one place. Don’t manually go through your contacts and combine information together. Now, Microsoft BC will merge customers for you! Merge duplicate customers, vendors, or contacts to avoid confusion and to keep everything in one place.

Even better navigation

Now, any page in BC has the ability to be “bookmarked” and then added to the home page. Users can also move and hide menu items and clear personalizations. Again, this capability allows users to keep what they’re working on in one place.

For a more detailed list of updates, click here!

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