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Six Agonizing Technology Frustrations of Rapid-Growth Organizations

By February 22, 2016May 7th, 2021Industry Insights, Press

For two decades, we’ve heard the same frustrations over and over again, as our software developers have worked with companies across the USA in virtually every industry.  Our custom software development team in Greenville, SC gets asked by clients to solve complex problems and create custom software solutions, and often, our solutions are simply a response to one of the following frustrations.  

If you’re hearing yourself or your leadership venting any (or all) of these frustrations, there’s good news—you’re probably growing rapidly, and you’re experiencing the same pain that great companies face on the fast-track to explosive growth. The even better news is that there are solutions that can eliminate these frustrations and help you grow even further.

  1. It takes too long for me and my clients to get the information we need. Is there not a faster way to do this?”
  2. It’s too inefficient. We are always repeating steps and doing processes manually, and it takes multiple people to manage and input data into all of our systems that don’t talk to each other. And we’re sick of it!”
  3. It’s unpredictable. We’re not confident—whether it’s in the field, on the go, or even within an office environment—that we can consistently get the visibility into our data that we need to do our jobs well. And we can’t produce the reports we need when we need them in order to make critical business decisions reliably and quickly.”
  4. It’s wrong. Our current systems and processes are giving us so much inaccurate data and causing so many mistakes that it’s making us look bad with our customers.”
  5. It’s too expensive. The cost of systems, processes, and infrastructure needed to catch up or continue at this pace is increasing exponentially as we collect more data and continue to grow. We just can’t afford it!”
  6. “It’s impacting our ability to do business. Our team regularly tells us they are delayed or slowed down by problems with our current workflow systems and processes.”

If these sound familiar, the solutions aren’t as dramatic to implement as you may imagine. Rapidly growing companies who want to do things faster and more efficiently with fewer people and with greater visibility have one thing in common on the road to success: At some point, they made changes in their systems and processes.

Within every organization, there is some software system or process that has served them well to get them to where they are currently, but that system or process is now holding them back. The processes are too slow, need too many people to execute, don’t integrate well with new systems that were added out of necessity brought on by growth, aren’t mobile-friendly, don’t give leadership visibility quickly into KPI’s, and/or are not reliable. To achieve their business objectives, they need someone to help them change to be faster, more predictable and/or more scalable.

That’s what Kopis senior custom software developers love to do, and we’d love to have a conversation about how we can help you eliminate these frustrations and continue to grow as a company. Let us know how we can help today!


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