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The Edge Podcast, Episode 6: The Evolution of Media with Ryan Heafy

By August 29, 2019April 1st, 2021Industry Insights, Press, The Edge Podcast

On this episode of The Kopis Edge we’re joined by Ryan Heafy, COO of 6AM City. 6AM City is best known by it’s local email products, which over the past 3 years have garnered hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of impressions. Since launching in Greenville in 2016, 6AM City has experienced exponential growth and is now open in 5 other markets – Charleston, Columbia, Asheville, Lakeland, and Chattanooga. We kick this episode off by talking about the start of 6AM City, the importance of facilitating conversation within your community, and some of the challenges that come with launching in a market where you don’t exist. From there we dive into the processes that make 6AM City and it’s email products so successful, along with some of the tools that help their team work as efficiently as possible. We wrap up the conversation by talking about 6AM City’s relationship with advertisers, the importance of knowing when to say “no” to certain business opportunities, and what the future holds for Ryan and 6AM City.

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