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Patrona Medical and Kopis develop Medical Device utilizing Zipit’s IoT platform

By October 4, 2017May 7th, 2021Press

Contact: Adam Drewes
Contact: James Conner

Wireless infection detection and notification device aimed at improving clinical response times.

Greenville, SC—Patrona Medical, a medical device company and Kopis, one of South Carolina’s leading software development and Business Intelligence companies, announced today their joint development partnership in support of Patrona Medical’s Foley Garde solution, aimed at improving intervention and care surrounding hospital-acquired infections.

The Foley Garde solution creates an automated interface between monitoring systems and patient care providers—enabling improved infection detection times, reducing infection-associated costs, and assisting clinical staff in achieving better patient outcomes.

The solution specifically aims to assist with the timely detection of catheter-associated urinary tract infections, which account for roughly 40 percent of all Hospital Acquired Infections. UTIs are also responsible for more than 13,000 deaths in the U.S. each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Kopis, through consultation with Patrona Medical, identified the product requirements for the Foley Garde solution and leveraged Zipit’s IoT connectivity & device management technologies to enable secure, wireless connectivity and cloud based management of the solution over a cellular network.

The Foley Garde is being prepared for clinical trials and validation, Patrona Medical’s new device “Foley Garde” comes in two configurations, wireless and a non-wireless model. The Foley Garde monitors the patient’s urine stream, as urine flows from the patient’s bladder via a Foley catheter the urine saturates a disposable urine filter. The filter is designed to change colors if nitrite and leukocytes are detected in the urine. A patented high-resolution sensor array monitors these color variations and calculates a numeric value based on a color frequency. This data is compared to a proprietary database. The Foley Garde transmits alerts and messages to the healthcare staff over a cellular wireless network or directly to the device display screen.


“Selecting Kopis as my primary engineering services team provided me with great confidence that they could help pull together the appropriate technologies and partners to materialize my vision of a wirelessly connected product. In addition, as a CATH lab user of Zipit’s other enterprise products, I am very familiar with Zipit’s name and can confidently say their technology has contributed in large part to our success in providing timely care. Needless to say, our team was immediately convinced our solution would benefit from Kopis expertise and Zipit’s proven technologies.”

—James Conner, CEO, Patrona Medical

“With its near real-time detection capabilities, Patrona’s medical device will have the potential to greatly improve clinical response times and patient outcomes. We see a promising future for James and the Patrona team, and are glad to be able to play our part in assisting them in bringing this idea to life. In addition, Zipit’s IoT and wireless background is proven in healthcare environments. Leveraging their technology as the basis for the Foley Garde was a no-brainer.”

—Adam Drewes, Chief Marketing Officer, Kopis

“Zipit is excited to be a part of Patrona Medical’s innovative approach to addressing hospital-acquired infections and improve their ability to get to trials faster while ensuring their wireless solution is secure. We look forward to seeing their continued success.”

—Frank Greer, CEO, Zipit

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