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Our Culture: Living Through History

By March 18, 2020April 1st, 2021Our Culture

Our Culture Series explores the guiding principles reflected in our company.

Letter from the Founder

Team Kopis and Vigilix,

We are living through something historic, something that future generations will read about.

I know there is a lot of uncertainty right now, rightfully so, and uncertainty can also lead to anxiety and worry. That is a normal human reaction. I would be lying if I told you I knew how this was going to play out. I don’t know how long the disruption will last. I don’t know what short term and long term impact this will have on our families, friends and the economy.

Anyone who tells you they know is lying. I also don’t know what changes will come out the other side, but this is one place where I am very confident — there will be change that results from this, and some of that change will be good change and create opportunity. We need to be positioned to take advantage of those opportunities.

Many of us have faced challenges together before, whether small challenges or big ones like 9/11 or the financial crisis of 2008. None were easy, all required extra effort. But there was always light at the end of the tunnel.

Kopis Solidarity Letter from Upstate Business Journal, April 2020

Of course, I can’t pull up my notes to see what we did during the last pandemic. But there are things to learn from the previous challenging times.

Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned, sometimes painfully, is that there is no value in playing the “what-if” game in your head. Planning for different scenarios is important. But worrying about things that might happen adds no value.

So I encourage all of you to try to live in the present moment, enjoying your family, your work and your surroundings. I also know this is easier said than done, so if the stress does becomes overwhelming, remember that, through our benefits plan, we have resources that can help. Be sure to leverage them if needed! 

During this period of disruption, we know things will be different and will be a change from normal. The entire globe faces this challenge … this is not a situation unique to Kopis and Vigilix. In reality, many face much more challenging days ahead than us. Some of those facing these challenges might be our clients.

There is one key thing we can all control over the coming weeks as we work remotely, distanced from each other and our clients. Now is the time to over communicate with each other and with our clients. 

Leverage the technology we have. Keep talking and chatting. Use video chat. Provide frequent status updates and simply check in with clients and each other more frequently than normal. Your fellow team members and our clients will be positively impacted by over communication.

Now is the time to over communicate with each other and with our clients.

Staying focused and productive will likely be harder than usual, but as a company, to exit this chapter strong, we need to keep our productivity as close to normal levels as possible. Of course, the traditional “work day” may not exist as we take care of kids, neighbors and other family members. But it is very important that everyone figure out the schedule that allows them to balance the work with the new normal.

Remember, change creates opportunity. The companies that exit the other side of this disruption a strong, unified team will be the companies best positioned to take advantage of the new opportunities. So, during this challenging time, we need to work as a team, live our core values, lead by example and over communicate. If we do that, we will exit this stronger.

This is a challenging time, but part of what has always driven us are big challenges. So let’s tackle this head on together.

Thank you all for everything you do. I am proud to be part of Team Kopis and Vigilix with all of you.

Keep your families and love ones safe!

Andy Kurtz
President & CEO

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