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How Nearshore Development Teams Can Cost Effectively Help You Grow

By February 8, 2023May 16th, 2023Application Development

Nearshoring, the business practice of relocating outsourced operations to a foreign market close to the US, is catching steam. Amid increased turbulence in global markets, from slower supply chains to trade war dynamics, paired with a domestic labor shortage, nearshoring can be an attractive antidote to normalize operations long impacted by a global pandemic and other external factors.

Nearshoring is attractive for companies that employ US-based teams that want to keep those US teams in place while achieving scalability despite global uncertainty. Put simply, enlisting a nearshore team to handle an element of company operations provides a cost-effective path toward growth.

At Kopis, we are no exception. We tailor our approach to technology application development to our clients’ specific needs so they can grow and scale.

Part of our historic approach involves using US-based application developers to help our clients streamline their systems and processes. But we’ve also noticed that we can often amplify our work – and our clients’ success – by nearshoring some of our solution development work to countries that have highly skilled workforces.

Benefits of a Nearshore Team

These nearshored workers are based in countries close to the US, such as Panama and Costa Rica, and they enable Kopis’ clients to circumvent the hiring crunch here at home.

The results are reduced costs by as much as 35%, faster technology solution development, and a US-based team able to focus more energy on our strategy-first approach to drive innovation and growth.

The benefits of nearshoring are real.

  • Cheaper labor costs while still paying a highly competitive wage to nearshoring teams
  • Highly trained workforce mean nearshoring accomplishes many of the benefits of farshoring software app development in places like Asia without many of the pain points, such as drastic time zone differences, language or culture barriers and global travel. Nearshoring also
  • Helps keep costs down while ensuring faster client response and delivery times

Is Nearshoring Right for You?

Kopis believes in tailored solutions, strategically designed for each client’s specific need and  offers different levels of nearshoring, as well as fully US-based teams for software development combined with expert consultative services that automate internal pieces of our clients’ processes to achieve streamlined efficiencies.

We have clients who have seen these benefits firsthand. While some of our partners still choose a fully US-based development team, other partners prefer the benefits of a hybrid model where their primary project leaders remain US-based, while more routine elements of their project development are nearshored.

Nearshoring is here to stay. Don’t let legacy technology stall growth plans for another year.

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