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Our Core Values: Lead

By February 1, 2018April 1st, 2021Our Culture

This series explores our four core values with brief, high-level overviews of the meanings as well as the subtle nuances. We start with Lead.

The various definitions for the meaning of lead include:

  • causing a person to go with one while moving forward;
  • initiating an action for others to follow;
  • possessing a position of advantage;
  • being in charge.

One subtle aspect of lead: it infers more than one person, or a team.

To lead, one must know, and be confident, where they are going. Confidence requires belief, and belief is enhanced by knowledge. So, all three are important to be able to lead.

Sometimes leading requires making a decision without complete certainty.

Sometimes, however, leading requires making a decision without complete certainty, and both moving steadily and confidently in that direction while being ready and willing to change if a better path becomes clear. However, it also means avoiding “shiny object” syndrome and chasing every path.

While leading is never easy, it is much simpler when the path is clear yet it is most important when the path is more challenging.

Often one leads by example, but sometimes one leads by enabling others to accomplish a challenging task. One may lead by taking a hard stand or pointing out unpopular details. Other times one leads simply by making a decision.

We each must start by leading ourselves. Likewise, we can also lead each other, teams, projects, clients and customers, partners and vendors, management and community.

Change isn’t always smooth.

But despite change, our company can stay true to who we are and what got us here. In fact, continually thinking about our core values, using them as a guiding light, is more important than ever before as we face new challenges. As our team grows, we need to intentionally and regularly remember our core values.

Recognizing this, our plan is to incorporate reminders of our values into as many aspects of our internal communication and processes as possible. There’s great weight to these four words. This series shares thoughts, observations, and examples of how they are being lived within our company.

My ask of you: Understand these four deep but simple truths and seek to incorporate their ethos into your day-to-day. In return, you have every right to expect us to live up to these values and to call us out if we’re not.

Andrew Kurtz
President & CEO

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