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world-class solutions, customized for your business

Understanding what has worked, what hasn’t, and what will

We’re here to help you face and minimize risks, conquer your biggest obstacles, use your assets to the fullest, and see your way more clearly through customized solutions including configuration of your existing integration tools.

We’ll set you up so you can access and interpret data faster with the right visuals and metrics, using tools that we have a depth of knowledge of, such as Power BI. For more advanced solutions, we can even tap Machine Learning or additional analytics engines to get your business to a new level.

The Kopis Way

Begin with the end in mind. We do this iteratively, one business area at a time, building the data platform accordingly.

By building the datasets, applying queries and importing data into the Power BI instance, either in the cloud or on-prem.

Show, Watch, Do

Our consultants work hand-in-hand with our clients using a Show, Watch, Do Approach.

The result is a trained group able to accelerate the development of visualizations and dashboards for publication across your organization.

Bigger Picture

Our approach to Power BI engagements is an example of understanding the bigger picture, not just the initial area of focus.

This allows recommendations and decisions to be made that provide more flexibility in future growth.

If you’re a CEO, or on the leadership team at your company, then you know that your business is on a journey.

Maybe that journey is going well, maybe you have a sneaking suspicion it could be going better — or maybe you feel like it’s gotten stuck, bogged down in process issues, inefficiencies, and profitability is leaking out at every joint.

With the right Business Intelligence tools and experienced team, you can cut through the clutter, break through the efficiency and profitability barriers you keep coming up against, and free your business up to do great things.

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