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Software Development Staffing Alternatives from Kopis

Mid-to-large sized agencies and other organizations tend to manage a diverse team of full-time, part-time, and contract employees. Getting the blend right is critical and almost always brings with it layers of challenges in communication, experience, work processes and, ultimately, work product. You need depth of talent to meet workflow demands and respond to unique opportunities—but you don’t want to hire a full-time, highly-skilled workforce and not have enough for them to do.

The next time a promising dev build opportunity arises for your company, instead of contracting the work out to freelancers, consider the value of an experienced custom development team that’s worked together for years as your partner. We deliver a full agile team with one point of contact rather than the headache of managing individual developers. Before you’ve finalized the scope of the project, we can also advise and collaborate to decide the right build and the right solution.

A Full Agile Development Team

How is it different?

  • W-2 onshore employees means low turnover. Our team will be around for follow up questions, support, or phase 2 of your project.
  • Our team has been ‘battle-tested’ in real-world scenarios. We aren’t putting together an ad hoc team based only on resumes that match a role. Even better, you don’t have to figure out how to communicate best with the team; we have a track record and a history together, not a handful of interviews
  • Companies that don’t build software themselves can count on less management overhead—we bring our proven processes, methodologies, and project management.

The Retainer Model

Perhaps you already know that you will need to outsource a certain percentage of your development work each quarter. Why not prepare in advance by keeping Kopis at-the-ready for dev build work as it arises?

How Is It different?

  • If your software development is maturing, it becomes increasingly difficult to find one person to own the entire stack. Kopis can provide deep expertise in all areas of your development stack.
  • Rather than paying for a full time person with a specialized skillset, utilize fractional resources based on specific needs.
  • Don’t pay for what you do not need. With this model, you get flexible capacity with predictable costs.

Application Services

Kopis also offers ongoing maintenance and support for applications that your company has already built.

How Is It different?

  • Kopis assigns a team that is optimized for maintenance & uptime.
  • We assure alignment to best practices (telemetry, deployment procedures, etc.)
  • Kopis Staffing delivers better coverage at a lower overall cost than a full-time individual employee.
  • The total cost is estimated by the application.
  • Can deliver predictable costs for the maintenance of the application.

Confident. Experienced. Confidential.

When you need to outsource a project, your go-to team should have depth of experience and industry expertise.

When you partner with us, you won’t ever lose:

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Talking to us early brings experienced perspective on balancing MVP, cost-savings, efficiency and the confidence in knowing what and how to build. Solving the right problem with the right solution equals an overall savings on the project.

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While we take ownership of the project, we won’t try to take control. We understand this is your client and your name on the line.

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Many of our senior developers have worked together for years, which means we ramp up quickly and keep projects on schedule. While staffing companies take their candidates through a brief interview, we know the skillset of the team we put forward inside and out.

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Unlike temp employees or freelancers, our team is on hand for questions long after the project is complete, or when you’re ready for your next round of development. Imagine how nice it would be to not have to start over with each iteration.

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Keep your clients coming back for more work by delivering comprehensive solutions on time, every time.

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Credibility & Reputation

We take deadlines, deliverables and exceeding client expectations seriously.

Why Kopis?

“There are two reasons that we typically partner with Kopis: Capability and capacity. This was an incredibly complicated project, and we needed them for both reasons. While we’ve done plenty of iOS projects in the past, we’ve never had to integrate Esri, our GIS provider, with an iOS app, so we needed their expertise. Kopis was able to provide that specific piece of the puzzle while also delivering a scalable team that helped us fulfill our contract on time and budget.”

-Infor Senior Vice President

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We believe you’ll discover a unique difference between our team and most custom software development firms. Much like them, our first few years, we were simply working hard “in the business.” However, after two decades, the business is in us.

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