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Like most companies, you probably have critical business systems that need to stay up and running. Too often, companies focus on whether or not their SQL Server environment is running when there’s a much more important question: Is it running well for your business?

At Kopis, we believe that simple is smart; for years we’ve not only lived and breathed SQL server management, we’ve even created our own tools for it. That’s why we streamline the SQL Server monitoring and management process, providing services to increase performance, decrease costs, and optimize your SQL Server environment. We also deliver proactive maintenance services—monitoring your systems daily to check your environment, ensuring system integrity and availability.

Our reliable monitoring process assesses the overall health of your SQL Server environment so that we can determine strategies to stabilize and optimize your hardware and software, solving problems before they start and helping you get the most out of your investment.

Kopis continually monitors all critical services necessary to keep SQL Server environments online and available to you, 24×7.

Database Maintenance
Kopis performs all tasks necessary to keep the database accessible and on-line for the end-user.

Kopis fine-tunes your production database based on ongoing statistical gathering and proactively makes appropriate changes or provides recommendations.

Security Administration
Kopis administers SQL Server security including access, passwords, and schemas.

Upgrades & Patching
Upgrades are a necessary part of any SQL Server environment, but they are also a risky maintenance procedure that can introduce new bugs and performance issues. Our database experts have performed hundreds of upgrades and migrations. We know how to plan, perform deep testing, and rehearse migrations to make sure there are no surprises when it’s time to upgrade.

Other Services
Monthly reviews, continual health analysis, technical support, strategic consulting, disaster recovery, redundant coverage, data integration and analysis, and more. Kopis does it all.

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“We sleep at night knowing our database is being taken care of by a proactive, experienced team.”

– Jeff Hellerman,
Mungo Homes


What’s the ROI?

  • Establish a SQL Server environment that is properly monitored and maintained.
  • Internal resources can focus on building business value rather than maintaining an existing system
  • Develop continuous improvement of the environment
  • Identify opportunities to use SQL Server to grow your business
  • Prioritize production or business critical systems while still having confidence in lower priority environments
  • Implement a tested disaster recovery plan for SQL Server
  • Collaborate with 3rd parties running SQL Server based applications
  • Access 24/7 technical support for business-critical SQL Server environments

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