Business Intelligence for Manufacturing

Cut Through the Chaos

Between a culture of measurement and process improvement (LEAN) and increasingly disrupting technologies, the amount of data produced by manufacturers continues to show no signs of relenting. While most companies aren’t looking to create a completely autonomous manufacturing facility, they have determined they require a data platform that can provide both easy visual cues to important metrics as well as tools more powerful than Excel to compete against a global field of competitors.

Where is the problem?

Many times the tools aren’t the problem.   Every project we’ve tackled began with a problem, complaint about the status quo, or a nagging question. If any of these describe your situation, then BI is right for you:

  • You make strategic decisions based on anecdotal evidence rather than hard data.
  • Getting the data you need requires laborious manual effort, extracting from various systems and combining into the right format.
  • You lack confidence in the data you collect and the reports you produce.
  • Your reporting is slow and inefficient.
  • When you have a question about your business, you cannot immediately answer it with sound data.
  • Bottlenecks exist in your data management workflows and processes.
  • Shifts in revenue and costs often hit you unexpectedly.
  • You think there are opportunities for growth, but you don’t know where.

Cutting Through Complex Problems

How Business Intelligence Can Transform Your Manufacturing Company

Business Intelligence is all about finding and extracting actionable insight and information from your company’s existing data. Whereas reporting is a good barometer of past performance in certain areas, BI transforms traditional reporting, giving you the ability to look ahead, predictively analyzing data trends and KPIs, as well as uncovering new opportunities. When you identify operational inefficiencies, track real-time manufacturing performance, or look for savings in your processes—you take your data from chaos into strategic business insight.

Kopis data analysis will help you:

  • Understand the big and small pictures of what makes your organization successful
  • Empower you to take clear action on sound, actionable data
  • Collect all of the various data into one place
  • Assess what all of the data means
  • Access all of your organization’s data in real-time
  • Identify harmful trends and opportunities for cost savings and growth
  • Track and report on all of your KPIs in real-time
  • Minimize heavy data analysis burdens on your IT infrastructure
  • Integrate all of the diverse systems across your organization
  • Enhance your services and offerings using sound data
  • Equip our organization on-the-go with mobile access to your data

What’s the Solution?

Kopis Business Intelligence Solutions for Manufacturing

Kopis can deliver the right BI solutions for your manufacturing company. Some examples of our capabilities include:


Superior Data Analysis and Visualization

Does your data inform your decision making? Or does it simply function as a rearview mirror of what happened in the past? Kopis BI gives you the ability to transform all of the data that you collect into clear, actionable insights that can inform your strategic decision making.


Supply Chain Monitoring

In manufacturing, a single supply shortage can bring your production lines to a grinding halt. By easily monitoring all of your KPIs, data, and critical information, you will know exactly where delays occur so you can take steps to eliminate choke points or make supply chain improvements.


KPI & Trend Tracking

Do you know how your manufacturing processes are performing? If you have questions about a department’s performance, can you answer it right away? Kopis BI solutions eliminate all of the guesswork and provide you with solid data analysis and data visualization on demand.


Revenue Cycle Monitoring

Cash flow tracking, production line monitoring, or service performance analysis—the Kopis business intelligence team in Greenville, SC creates BI solutions. By monitoring all of your KPIs in real-time and having the ability to drill down into what the data is actually telling you, you can finally make sound, strategic decisions with absolute confidence.

Kopis has worked with manufacturers for years, and we understand them, their needs, and how to deliver real, lasting transformation for their business. If you are a manufacturer looking to unleash transformational mobile apps or mobile-capable software solutions, Kopis is right for you.

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