What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive set of services that gives organizations of all sizes an easy, cost-effective path to build, manage and scale applications. The Microsoft Azure platform services fit into three major areas:


IT Infrastructure

  • Set up traditional virtual machines



  • Familiar services – web, databases, storage
  • No servers or even operating systems to manage



  • AI, Machine Learning & Cognitive Services
  • Big Data, Analytics, data visualization
  • Internet of Things & Connected Devices
  • Business Process Automation through PowerApps & Logic Apps


Why Use Microsoft Azure?

Simply put, moving all or some of your functionality to the cloud promotes growth. Free your team from the burden of managing infrastructure so you can focus on innovation:

Traditional IT Infrastructure

  • Easier migration to cloud
  • Host on-premise software on cloud
  • Reduce overhead of managing physical devices
  • Reduce capital expenditures on physical machines
  • Improved ability to scale

Platform Infrastructure

  • Tightly couple infrastructure to actual usage
  • Even lower infrastructure management costs—migrate to DevOps organization structure
  • Very quickly scales up and down
  • Tight integration into overall Microsoft ecosystem

Specialized Microservices

  • Dramatically reduce capital costs to test & use services that traditionally required enormous investment
  • Faster launch of new functionality
  • Simplified architecture

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