Field Service Management

Faster Processing From Order to Invoice

Is your service company still doing business manually? Are you losing sales and revenue because you can’t process and complete orders in the field?

Our Field Service Management solutions can help HVAC, plumbing, construction, home repair, and other service-oriented companies automate multiple processes and sub-processes, deploy mobile devices in the field, and integrate field data collection with existing ERP or accounting solutions.

The upside: orders that used to take 3 to 6 weeks can now be completed and invoiced in the same day. Field information management systems can help your company:

  • Manage scheduling and dispatch in real-time. Scheduling and dispatch is the core of every service-oriented business. Turn your office into dispatch central, see where each dispatched service unit is in the workflow process in real-time, and send dispatched units to their next call from one integrated dashboard.
  • Collect Field Data. Know what’s happening in the field. Using forms on an integrated smartphone or tablet, field technicians can input data in real-time.
  • Complete Sales Transactions. Dispatched units are able to sell parts and other products in the field without having to call in or create an itemized receipt by hand.
  • Check Inventory and Deliver Reports. Technician doesn’t have the needed part in the truck? No problem. Your field technicians can also check inventory, order parts, and create reports from their integrated mobile device.
  • Manage Billing and Invoicing. Dispatched units can bill for hours and inventory in the field and the integrated accounting system will update automatically, not later that day or that week.

The Benefits of a Field Service Management Solution


Use Resources More Efficiently.

Transparency increases efficiency. When dispatchers can see where each unit is and what each unit is doing, they can better manage time in the field.


Increase Revenue.

Time is money. With an integrated Field Service Management solution, dispatched units make more calls per day and bill for more hours and inventory.


Get Paid Quickly.

Dispatchers can make sales transactions and take payments in the field on the same day as the service.

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