Breakthrough Case Study®: Maximizing existing hardware to its fullest potential

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The management team at approached Kopis with a challenge. They had some issues with a SQL Server platform— intermittently, the server would become unresponsive and caused errors writing to the temporary database.

Since the company was running in a hosted environment, they first upgraded to a larger server, which alleviated some of the issues short-term. However, as a start-up that was growing rapidly, realized that continuing to scale up hardware to solve any issues that arose in the future was not a sustainable model.


Kopis jumped into the project with both feet, going through a series of systematic checks specifically targeted for their environment and their operations to determine how to increase their SQL Server stability and performance. Our end goal was to ensure that they are getting the most functionality out of their existing hardware.


By the end of this short 12-hour project, we had found and documented all the potential modifications and helped to prioritize these modifications based on potential impact to performance.

In addition, since had adjusted some of these settings themselves prior to Kopis involvement; the Kopis team was also able to confirm that these were adjusted correctly, which greatly helped their peace of mind. Now, the team has a playbook to performance tune up as they continue to grow. We were excited to be able to help this intriguing new company, and to get their job turned around so quickly.

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