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Kopis Professional Services: Decreasing Lag Time for Processing Data

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When leadership of a prominent regional professional services company needed a complete overhaul and upgrade of their invoicing and projection process to keep up with their rapid growth, Kopis developers knew they had a unique challenge on their hands.

“We felt incredibly invested in this company’s success,” said Andy Kurtz, president and CEO of Kopis. “They presented a pretty complex problem, but knew from successful experience with other clients that there was a Business Intelligence solution we could develop and launch to transform them.”

After an initial discovery period with the client’s leadership and IT team, it became clear that they were experiencing significant lag time processing project data, which meant that they had no current snapshot of where the company stood. Project managers were running invoicing and projections via static reports followed by numerous manual calculations.

This process was not only time-consuming and expensive, they found project managers invented their own manual Excel calculations to calculate project health, creating a less unified environment than was necessary to keep up with the company’s growth. As a result, although the reports were run weekly, the data was not ready for a few days, causing leadership to forecast for the president based on three to five day old data. The company found it challenging to forecast the actual invoicing for the month, even as the month was drawing to a close, and realization problems were never caught until invoicing.


Kopis began the project by building a model of the data in a simple Azure database, and then they populated the data based on the frequency of change for each source. From there, the developers built a no-frills daily and monthly dashboard to gather intel. Once the business started to look at their data more frequently, the entire team naturally saw even more opportunities to improve their processes and to develop new metrics that more closely monitored their business.


As a result of this project, the company behavior changed, all the way from the president to the billable employee. The president was pleased to discover that he could see his company’s current monthly earnings at anytime, from anywhere – even while overseas on vacation. As for the leadership team, they were now able to spot realization problems as they were happening, which empowered them to take initiative and fix problems before they were asked by the president. The leadership team was also able to pinpoint which metrics had the most impact on profitability. Finally, the company employees could easily see where they stood on their projects and with respect to their peers. All-in-all, the project increased the company’s efficiency as well as its accuracy.

How important were the results to Kopis? Critical…we were the client.

“Being the client AND the development team was really insightful for us, to cultivate an even deeper level of understanding of how the Agile process can be powerful and transformational to a client’s leadership thought processes and paradigm shifts,” said Kurtz. “After just two months of implementing the most recent changes to the dashboards, our leadership team was able to forecast monthly revenue within $100,” said Andy. “More than that, I was thrilled and a little relieved, because this data processing lag time was a problem that had been plaguing our leadership team for a while. We were so busy helping other companies maximize their data that we hadn’t taken the time to analyze ourselves! Conducting a case study on our own company not only fixed our problem, it also helped us understand where our clients are coming from.”

Client Testimonial

“We know our business intelligence services work because we use them ourselves.”

– Andy Kurtz, President and CEO of Kopis

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