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ERP + Business Intelligence

Is your organization getting the most value possible out of your ERP? If your business relies on a powerful ERP platform to run operations but you don’t rely on an equally powerful, integrated BI platform to run your reports — then the answer is probably no.

The Power of BI for ERP Systems

While ERP software is useful for gathering and tracking data, as well managing the core processes of your business, reporting out of most ERP software can cause headaches because ERP platforms aren’t typically designed to aggregate data well to mine insights or allow for a real-time look at data without having to pull it out of the system, enter it into a spreadsheet and create a report.

On the other hand, BI platforms not only enable you to gather data but also to reflect on what that data means for your company and make well-informed predictions and decisions. Imagine being able to continue to use the ERP software you are familiar with while executives derive insights from an aggregated look at the company. When integrating data from your ERP platform with all other critical systems, your BI platform gives your business user-focused visibility into your data that siloed software systems or spreadsheets can never achieve.

Kopis has experience building BI solutions for many ERP systems that deliver this level of access and customized reporting to all stakeholders — giving you the ability to dramatically transform your business.

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